Warning: Offensive Herbivore Ahead

This is a warning…I didn’t want to become a Preachy Vegan Asshole but here we are…

People always ask me why I decided to adopt a Vegan Lifestyle.  I try to always be very Politically Correct…(unless I’ve had a few glasses of wine or if your my husband, but that’s not the point) “I just decided it was healthier for me…”, “I did it for animals…”, “I guess I just feel better…”, “What is the best answer for me not to offend you and start a philosophical argument at the bar…”. So, instead of answering, I will send them this link.

The number one reason I became Vegan was because I couldn’t justify calling myself an animal lover anymore while not being Vegan. I was Vegetarian first, which is definitely a great way to start, but I realized while eating dairy, I was contributing to the veal industry.  I remember the defining moment was watching the movie “Earthlings” and having to look away from the screen. If I can’t stand watching it happen, I shouldn’t contribute to it happening.  If you are against animal cruelty in relation to cats and dogs, you should go Vegan. I couldn’t care less how much you’ll “miss the taste” or you just “can’t give up cheese”, and neither does the cow and pig on the way to the slaughterhouse. I look at my dog, who is everything to me and I didn’t see any difference in her eyes and the eyes of the cow being repeatedly impregnated, having her calves stolen away from her at birth and eventually killed for hamburger meat when she could no longer give birth. We are the only species that drinks the milk of another animal…that struck me. This country has a irrational fear of breastfeeding in public but we don’t mind drinking out of a cow’s tit? I don’t think you can call yourself an animal lover and LITERALLY EAT THEM. They live a short life of unbelievable cruelty so that you can enjoy 5 minutes at the dinner table. Nope. Not having it.  I think of this picture. I don’t see a difference anymore.

After I became Vegan, I started to do more research on why it’s the best option (and also because I needed more ammunition because every omnivore in ear-shot decided to comment on it every time it was mentioned). I watched Forks Over Knives and learned more about the damage animal products do to your health. I’m not going to list them all because you have Netflix and you can (and should watch it yourself). Almost every single person in my family has Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Cancer, and boy, can they put away the meat and dairy.  The science behind the movie is indisputable to me so if I want to live a long healthy life, animal products are out.

Another reason was the environment. Watch Cowspiracy.  It shows that agriculture is the most destructive industry on earth.  It is responsible for Global Warming, deforestation, and drought. I also learned that with each 8 oz steak you eat, you could have filled 50 bowls with cooked cereal grains. This picture is hard to look at. It should be because there’s something we could do about it.

the media forgot to mention that 20,000 children died today because we gave their food to factory jailed animals, please go #vegan:

As a vegan, I can eat pizza, donuts, burgers, chocolate, chips and dip, french fries, burritos, nachos, mac and cheese, lattes, cookies and quesadillas.  What sacrifice am I making? It’s not hard to eat cruelty-free. When people say it’s hard, it’s because they are trying to justify not making the switch.  I guarantee not every Vegan walks around spewing facts at omnivores about how they don’t agree with their lifestyle and I promised myself I wouldn’t become one of those but I will be honest and tell you that it’s hard once you finally accept the atrocities that had to happen to put that bacon cheeseburger and chicken wings on your plate.

"Veganism is not about how hard it is for you. It's about every animal's right not to be used as a slave" Pigs are beautiful and intelligent creatures. Watch "Babe" , learn to love pigs and get the pork off your fork. Go vegan:

So, all in all, there’s many reasons I became Vegan but mostly it is this: I was so sick of complaining about how awful our world has become and decided to start giving a fuck. I stopped being a hypocrite.

If you want to continue your jokes, fine. Have at it.

Lol... They are pretty mischievous though, ;) *cough. ...We really repent when we hit Capricorn though. Evolution.

Also, next week’s blog post will be more fun.  I swear. Had to get this one out of the way.  See how I reeled ya in with brunch then BAM! VEGAN!




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