Vegans Love Mimosas, Too…

I absolutely love my new Vegan lifestyle. My skin is flawless (strong word, strong emotion), I’m regular as all hell (you’re welcome), I can look my dog in the eyes while eating, and I have more energy than any Red Bull ever gave me but you know what pisses me right off?  BRUNCH.

I live for Brunch. Brunch used to live for me then Brunch decided I wasn’t good enough anymore and dumped me. I was devastated. I started seeing Oatmeal off and on but it just wasn’t the same…

Also, what used to drive me crazy (and in reality, still does because I’m lazy), is that some vegan recipes are soooooooo time consuming and hard that I quit half way through the recipe and start to eat my oatmeal and be sad.  I know, OVERNIGHT OATS ARE EVERYTHING! Got it.  I’m sick of it. Judge me. Back to vegan cooking. A lot of your favorite things can be made in a Vegan manner but what if Whole Foods is out of the tears of a 27 year old nun from Budapest? What if you don’t have 47 years to soak cashews? Then you are my friend and we should go have mimosas together.

So, to save my soul and my sanity (and yours too LBH), I have scoured the billions of Vegan blogs to give you the TOP TEN vegan brunch recipes you can make at home in less time than it takes to drive to your old brunch spot, give them the finger and throw vegan egg product at the carnivorous head chef. Once they see your phenomenal creations, they will be BEGGING you to come back but no. You’re a strong, independent, cruelty-free, plant based Goddess (or God, we coo with that too) and you don’t need them anymore. So, here goes…

10: Puffy Pillow Pancakes from Post Punk Kitchen

Isa Moskowitz is a Vegan Chef and Cookbook Author from Brooklyn and she is hilaaaaarious and shows up in this list more than once.  She has a great story of Jewish X-mas hence the Christmas pairing. These take 30 minutes and you’ll thank yourself for it afterwards.

Mimosa Pairing: Cranberry Juice (add a sprig of Rosemary if you’re ready to get classy)


9: Simple Tofu Scramble from Minimalist Baker

Tofu Scrambles are daunting (or I’m a really shitty cook, both are likely) and the Minimalist Baker gives a great starting point. Once you master this one, add what you want (which should be Soyrizo because that is The Almighty’s gift to us).

Mimosa Pairing: Peach and Thyme (helps tame the spice from the Soyrizo that you should’ve added)


8: Avocado & Heirloom Tomato Toast with Balsamic Drizzle from Blissful Basil

Avocado. Heirloom Tomato. Balsamic.  That is all you need to tell me before I am elbow deep in this tasty toast.  Just be careful making the Balsamic Reduction-she’s right, it can burn quickly and almost kill your dog and husband from balsamic asphyxiation. Swear to Kale. It’s dreadful. (P.S. Adding Chili Flakes on top of the Avocado is perfection)

Mimosa Pairing: Go plain Rosè all day (the Fresh Tomatoes deserve it)

avocado toast

7: Southern Strawberry Pecan Waffles from Veganosity

These two ladies had me at their chambray shirts and hooked me with their BBQ Pulled Carrot Sandwich (which is also a viable brunch option!) so I decided to try these waffles. YAAAAAAAAAAAS, Queens! I love this recipe because it legitimately has ingredients you probably already have around your vegan-friendly home. Sorry, Whole Foods.  Not today.

Mimosa Pairing: Strawberry Puree (Keep that strawberry love going, ya’ll!)


6: Vegan Berry Crunch Smoothie Bowl from Domesticate Me!

“In Pursuit of Good Food and Compliments” Oh…hi…Soul Mate. I also love her photo. it’s me cooking like, “hahahaha (casual laughing) I’m gonna cut my damn finger off if you don’t take the picture now”. Ugh she’s amazing. Anyways, I drink a green smoothie every day so I usually like to splurge on brunch but every once in a while I’m like…OMG are those abs?! I guess I will have kale…

Mimosa Pairing: Guava Mint (you healthy bitch, you)


5: Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal from The Glowing Fridge

I’m sure you are like, Really? This bitch puts an Oatmeal recipe after all that trash talk? Yep. It’s Pumpkin Pie flavored. Your argument is invalid. Just try it. She’s tricky though, the picture has chocolate chips but the recipe doesn’t so make sure you grab those. You need those. It’s brunch for heaven’s sake! SPLURGE.

Mimosa Pairing: Original OJ (#BASIC) (add Grand Marnier if you’re feelin’ nuts)


4: Loaded Breakfast Potatoes from Vegan Yack Attack

Thank God Potatoes are Vegan. I love Potatoes more than most things. Like, people. Potatoes understand. Potatoes love.  AAAAAAND this one comes with GRAVYYYYYY. Ugh. Yes. Use this Gravy on everything, you know Biscuits and Gravy has been calling your name for awhile.  Also, always go with the “Get Crazy Option” on these because if you aren’t ready to get crazy, you aren’t ready for Brunch.

Mimosa Pairing: Pineapple and Limoncello (Because I looooove Pineapple and I said so)

loaded potatoes

3: Cider Mill Donuts from The Pretty Bee

I am about as basic as they come (see Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal above) so Fall is my shit. Lumberjack Flannels? Check. Equestrian Boots even though horses scare the living bejesus out of me? Check. A visit to the local apple orchards? EVERY. YEAR. Also, my first date with my husband was at this creepy local donut shop that was open 24 hours (Jealous?) so you put donuts and fall together in 17 minutes and I am so there!

Mimosa Pairing: Fall Mimosa-Champagne with Spiced Apple Cider


2: Fresh Corn Johnnycakes from Post Punk Kitchen

Sheeeeeeee’s back. Would I lie to you? Don’t answer that.  These are delightful. Both Sweet and Savory and the added fresh corn is amazing.  I like to add a bit of Hot Sauce!

Mimosa Pairing: Watermelon, Lime and Tequila (it just works!)


1: Vegan Eggs Benedict from The Edgy Veg

It’s unfair I made you read through this whole thing to get here because in my Carnivore Days, Eggs Benedict reigned supreme so when I ordered The Vegg and finally had Eggs Benedict, it was all over. I swap the asparagus for Avocado and the Vegan Ham for Soyrizo (shocking) but I imagine any combination of meat and veggie is totally amaze-balls

Mimosa Pairing: Grapefruit and Sage (Fresh Squeezed is Key. If I hear of someone using that creepy yellow Grapefruit Juice from a gun, I will find you and take your ID away because you haven’t earned Brunch)

Behold the Glory:

So, there you go.  My Top Ten Relatively Simple Vegan Brunch Recipes with Mimosa Pairings because Vegan’s love Mimosa’s too.  Just make sure you are drinking a Vegan Bubbly!

Oh, and if you have nothing to do for the next three weeks, you can make me this because I will NEVER take the time to make something like this even though it will probably complete my life. Feel Free. Go Ahead. Make it for me. I’ll buy the blow torch

Vegan S’mores Waffles with Sugar Free Marshmallow Fluff from Keepin’ It Kind

Mimosa Pairing: Shots. You earned it.  Or you quit half-way and are drinking away your failure.


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